The first and solely forthcoming sensible town of India that has been given with the prestigious IGBC’s Highest ‘Platinum’ Award, Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) in Gujarat is well-planned to be a spectacular ‘Green City’ and can consider all elements needed to develop a live-green setting with minimum carbon footprints. One amongst the rare cities within the world and definitely the primary within the country to possess achieved the IGBC green city rating, Dholera aspires to be developed as a smart city that’s sustainably committed to the well-being of mother earth, its setting and folks’ domicile thereon.

Dholera, which is one in every of the eight and also the biggest node on Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), and meet 920 sq. kilometers of that 540 sq. metric linear unit space is developable, can embrace initiatives like green buildings, 100% waste management and water treatment plants, land use coming up with, property eco-transport and quality, renewable energy generation and use and far additional to form a internet zero impact on the setting.

The city has got a nod for establishment of a 5000 MW solar power park on 11,000 hectares of land, which shall be set up as India’s largest solar park with an unfathomable capacity for generation of renewable energy. The park shall be built in several phases and many big corporations such as The Gujarat Power Corporation (GPCL), Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam (GUVNL), Gujarat Electric Transmission Corporation (GETCO), and Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) are working towards making this possible. Overall, the project is expected to attract investments to the tune of 250 billion rupees and give sustainable employment opportunities to over 20,000 citizens.

Akhilesh Sharma, CEO and MD, DMIDC commented “We need Dholera to be the leader and set new standards for property town living, not only for India, except for the globe. Knowledge is crucial to the vision as a result of our tendency to make intelligent infrastructure that learns and adapts to people’s desires. We have a tendency to be terribly lucky to be building this town from the bottom up as a result of it means that we will implant future proofing to accommodate the exciting progress however to come back. This can be a four A’s city — accessible, adaptable, affordable and aspirational.”

The property matrix for Dholera is being framed through varied components because the place is preparing to come up with clean energy, have ample green open areas, use green materials for construction, produce necessary infrastructure for e-transport and manage the land, water, waste and different resources through constant exercise and optimum usage. In the end, the final word aim of the authorities behind development of Dholera isn’t simply to administer its residents a town merit living in however additionally defend the setting, conserve natural resources, minimize cytotoxic emissions, optimize resource utilization, realize new and innovative inexperienced avenues for development and bestow its folks with physiological state.



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J Joshi Infra Projects is a top real estate service provider, offering strategic services to its clients.


J Joshi Infra Projects is a top real estate service provider, offering strategic services to its clients.


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A city performs different but interdependent functions related to its connectivity. Although a city can have several forms of connectivity, there is usually a dominance of a particular form based upon the main economic functions and specialization. This involves a range of activities, each having its own connectivity:



Metro Connectivity — Dholera Metro

A proposal to develop a high speed metro rail that shall pass through Ahmedabad-Dholera-Gandhinagar was submitted under the DMIC master plan and approved by the central government. The project intends to augment the regional connectivity with Gujarat Dholera smart city and develop a high speed urban transport system that shall link Gujarat to the international airport, urban centres, main railway stations and bus depots of Dholera. Linking up the metro with Dholera international airport shall play a vital role in the success of the airport.

The project shall be divided in two phases with phase 1 connecting Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar while phase 2 shall link Gandhinagar to Dholera Smart city via GIFT city. Spanning 100 kilometers in length, the first phase of the project shall be built over 61.55 kms while the second phase connecting Dholera shall cover the remaining 38.45 kilometers. The following shall be the route map for both phases.

Air Connectivity — Dholera International Cargo cum Passenger Airport

Dholera International Airport at Navagam village near Ahmedabad, Gujarat is being developed by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) with a multi-phase master plan to ultimately handle 50 million passengers per annum in the future.

The greenfield airport is being developed in Saurashtra within the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) as part of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). The airport will feature an aerocity with 75 hectares for commercial developments, cargo facilities and ultimately two runways — 3200 m and 4000 m long.

Dholera International Airport will be capable of handling 1.5 million passengers per year after the completion of its Phase 1 in 2025 and 50 million passengers per year after its final phase.


Goods Train Connectivity — Dedicated Freight Corridor

The Government of India has proposed setting up of a Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) between Delhi and Mumbai. DFC will be high axle new railway connectivity with computerized control and multi-modal linkages. Out of the total 1483 kms of the length of DFC, 38% is falling in Gujarat. The area of 150 kms on both sides of the DFC will be developed as the Industrial Corridor.

This Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor(DMIC) will be a highly impacted industrial corridor on both sides of the DFC. Almost one third of the proposed investments of about 90 billion US dollars in DMIC is expected to take place in Gujarat alone.As part of DMIC, twenty four mega industrial nodes have been proposed between Delhi and Mumbai. Out of them, six mega industrial nodes (four industrial areas and two investment regions) have been proposed for the State of Gujarat. Identified industrial nodes have to be developed as Global Manufacturing and Commercial Hubs.

All kinds of infrastructure both within and outside the nodes also have to be developed with global standards; the Government of Gujarat has not only given its full commitment for the DFC and DMIC projects but has been actively working with the Government of India on the same.

Sea Link Road Connectivity — Kalpsar Project

The Kalpasar Project envisages building a 30 km dam across the Gulf of Khambat in India for establishing a huge fresh water reservoir for irrigation, drinking and industrial purposes. A 10 lane road link will also be set up over the dam, greatly reducing the distance between Saurashtra and South Gujarat. On implementation of Kalpasar project the fisheries development will take place both in fresh as well as salt-water lakes. The project provides for infrastructure investment to support two large major Carps hatcheries. The aim is the creation of a fresh water reservoir in the Gulf of Khambhat by the construction of a dam connecting the east and west bank of the Gulf. In the reservoir the runoff from Sabarmati, Mahi, Dhadar and Narmada will be stored, together with the waters from the Saurashtra rivers discharging into the Gulf of Khambhat.

Road Connectivity — 6 Lane & 10 Lane Expressway

The road is supposed to connect the Ahmedabad city on one hand and Dholera and Bhavnagar ports on the other side. It is envisaged that the new industry cluster to be developed along the spine would considerably benefit with central linkage. It will also act as a catalyst to other developments in the region in general and that of SIR in particular. This is also a part of the master plan submitted to the central govt. for DMIC road connectivity. This is approved by the central govt.

A six lane dual carriageway highway shall be built with provisions to extend it up to 10 lanes in Gujarat Dholera Smart city Project Description. Proposed 6 lane highway 0.5 KMS away Proposed DMIC 1 KMS away from the site Metro Rail 1 KMS away International Airport just 10 KMS away from the site.The proposed road would serve as central spine for Ahmedabad-Dholera SIR. It is decided that initially the road will be four lane with six lane structure. It could be access controlled.

Central Spine for Dholera SIR — Ahmedabad-Vataman-Pipli-Dholera-Bhavnagar six lane Road

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